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Veterinary Nutrition

Pets are a big part of our family these days and we want to do all we can to provide them love, comfort and a long healthy life.  Just like the human diet has changed so much over the last hundred years your pets diet has changed as well.  Cats and dogs are born to eat a healthy, unprocessed diet primarily derived from raw meats, organs and glands.  Now they eat an omnivore diet in the form of highly processed vegetables, grains and scrap meats which to a brand is deficient vitamins, minerals and glandular and organ meats. 



Lets face it even the most expensive pet foods are junk.  Some are better than others but still lacking.  Get a copy of the BARF (Bones & Raw food) Diet, by Ian Billinghurst, DVM.  This is an essential book especially for those with a sick pet.  Other health challenges come from of all places, your Veterinarian.  Many animals, just like people, grow sick and die from the well-meaning administration of prescription drugs and vaccines.  One prominent Vet told us flat out that feline rabies vaccination leads to 6-7 out of 10 cats dying from cancer.  Sadly we know from our personal experience. Ever wonder why your DVM now recommends the 3 year vaccination?   

Cancer is now, in fact, the number one cause of pet death followed by autoimmune disease, diabetes and thyroid & kidneys disorders.  Similar to human disease it boils down to poor nutrition and toxic pharmaceuticals and vaccines.  Law dictates that we vaccinate our pets but no body says we cannot provide the very best nutrition for our pets as we can.  

Standard Process has long produce the best whole food supplements specifically for dogs, cats and horses.  They have an experienced DVM on staff to help doctors in the field put together the best nutritional program for your pet.

Canine or Feline Whole Body Support, is the Gold Standard multivitamin/mineral supplement that all cats and dogs, sick or well, should be on daily.  No man made or fractionated nutrients are used only whole organic plants, organ and glandular meats are used exactly as nature intended. 


 The Sick Pet

Step One

See your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis for your pets problems.


Step Two

Have you DVM determine for you the organs and or systems that are involved.

                    (Heart, kidneys, immune system, liver and so forth)


Step Three

You and your DVM then decide on the appropriate medical therapeutics. 


Step Four

Next choose the appropriate Standard Process formulas to support the systems that are under stress.  If your DVM is not a whole food practitioner you may find one that is or you may calls us at Parks Chiropractic.  We will be happy to work with you and your vet in improving your pet’s nutritional status.


Step Five

Follow up with your DVM and us so that we may chart progress and adjust your pet’s nutrition as needed.



Here at Parks Chiropractic we our love animals.  They are an integral part of our lives and we do all we can to provide them the very best.  We will be happy to help you do the same with your pets, no matter what the problem.  Remember nutrition is not medicine it will not interfere with your DVM's approach to any disorder rather work to enhance the healing process and support the tissues involved.


If your pet is sick it needs more than drugs, it needs whole food nutrition to regain optimal health.  If your pet is well, keep them that way by providing the vital nutrients, which stave off aging and maintain vitality through out their lives. 

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