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Mediterranean Diet

It’s confirmed; the healthiest diet in the world is the Mediterranean (Med) diet. Scientist’s tracking its health benefits terminated the study early so that all participants could be told they should be on the Med diet. Those on it for 4 years had 2/3s less heart attacks and 1/3 less hospitalization for heart problems. The Co-author of the study said, “our trial confirms – coronary artery disease is essentially a nutritional disease.”

The Med diet is steeped in fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, fish, healthy fats, oils and meats. It is also one of the oldest diets originating on the Mediterranean coast from Greece to Spain. The most olive oil is produced in Spain and they happen to have the world’s best longevity.

First press virgin olive oil; flaxseed oil, cod-liver oil and butter are all healthy fats. To be avoided are the man made corn oils, canola oil, margarines and trans fats. Cook only with olive oil and butter. Minimize pasteurized dairy products and do not use non-dairy creamers and so forth. White flour and sugar should be swept from your diet. They will not only make you fat but also push you towards diabetes. Eat quality whole grain and dark German breads and use Tupelo honey, Stevia or Agave nectar for sweeteners.

Fresh vegetables and fruits in a 2 to 1 ratio should be eaten on a daily basis along with live culture yogurt, beans and non-salted fresh nuts. Everything you eat should be as close to raw as possible. This includes red meats, which should be consumed rare to medium rare. Chicken must be completely cooked and pork should be eaten only rarely. Cook foods by steaming, stir fry, sauté, baking and grilling. No deep-fried foods. Use high quality Celtic sea salt, rich in minerals and fresh cracked pepper for your basic spices.

Eggs are a great source of easily digested protein, fats and cholesterol. You need these things in your diet. Low fat diets and the cholesterol scare is a scam. Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process, used to say, “Do you know how to make a pig fat? You feed him starch, not fats”. The sickest folks whole food nutritionists see are on low fat diets encouraged by their doctors.

You should drink plenty of fresh spring water. Tap water must be filtered to remove such things as fluorine, toxic to the thyroid gland. Distilled water is a cooked food and should never be taken internally. Teas especially green teas are fine. Fruit juices however are not the way to get your fruit, as they are very high in simple sugars. Obviously get off the soda habit, sugarless or not. No calorie soft drinks are actually worse for you than those with sugar. Minimize coffee and alcohol use as well.

All diets, even the Med diet, should be adjusted to the needs of the individual. For instance if you have a inflammatory bowel disease, glutens found in grain should be avoided. Your nutritional supplements are just that, concentrated foods that serve to provide you what you may not be getting from the foods you eat. They should always be whole food, in other words no man made, isolated nutrients which lead to deficiencies.

We use living, cold concentrated supplements from Standard Process, which are gleaned from fresh organic fruits and vegetables grown on their own 1000 acres farm in Wisconsin. They are the Gold Standard of Whole Food Nutrients. They are easily and completely absorbed and utilized by your body as nature intended.

The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, found on this page will give you the relative amount of the food to consume over the course of a month. The pyramid is completely different than the one put out by the government. That pyramid actually promotes obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Simply disregard it. Never get talked into a low fat diet, a high protein or high carbohydrate diet as well as any other fad of the month diet.

Do your research on the net and speak with Dr. Parks. He will be happy to suggest the proper supplements and dietary changes that can make a huge difference in your life. 

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